Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Get Busy Living!"

This Spring sure has been a tough time for Rianne. Sometimes it seems like she just can’t catch a break! About 5 weeks ago she caught a chest cold from somewhere and it is just now letting up enough to where she is feeling like herself again. It was a nagging cold that she struggled with every day for over a month. After a week of fighting it she went to her doctor. A “Z-Pack” was prescribed for her and it seemed to barely touch it. She returned to her doctor and was then prescribed Cipro, which was an antibiotic that literally wiped her out. She struggled to keep her strength for days. Dairy products, antacid and vitamins could not be taken with the Cipro, which caused her immune system to struggle even worse. To sum it all up, she has been exhausted and frustrated with her slow recovery.
The roller coaster simply won’t let up. She begins to feel better and her health habits improve, then she hits a roadblock which tends to make her health decline. It’s been absolutely difficult for her to deal with. She is the toughest woman I know, yet she is still pulled down through it all. It breaks me just as much as it breaks her. The toughest part is when she can hardly get up and do the things that she loves to do – sometimes just staying on the couch or in bed is all that’s possible.
Her blood draws have been good, but her level of strength has been less than 100% for weeks. She has been getting plenty of rest lately because of it, but it is still frustrating because she has been MUCH stronger at times!
She’s been on her quad twice in the past couple of weeks, which she has enjoyed greatly. She still says that buying her quad has been “the best gift I’ve ever given to myself!” She’s a very good rider and loves to do it as much as she can. Just over a week ago we went on another trip up to Laird Lake with Bob and Pam Hunter and their daughter, Jill. Jason and Eli, Jill’s sons, also went on the trip. Rianne was definitely in her element while she was on the trip. She sure loves to ride that Polaris Sportsman 500!
On Friday Rianne and I went for a quad ride up Hunter Creek and made the loop down the South Fork. She put in 35 miles and felt it the next day. She knows she’ll be worn out from the trip, but also knows how much she enjoys it, which is why she goes! It was another good trip for her.
Today she has been resting for her day of work tomorrow. She has had her hours cut in half due to the economy, but still feels anxiety before she returns to work after the weekend. Mondays are her worse day by a long shot! Hopefully she will be ready to rise and shine in the morning!
We hope you are all well and are enjoying the beginning of summer. Get out of the house and “get busy living!” Rianne would agree that it’s the only way to go!


  1. Looks like fun... we have one quad being worked on and the other lost a muffler and needs a new battery, so it'll be a while before we can take off and go, but I'm looking forward to it. It's the little things that count, as I am sure you and Rhianne are both well aware. We still have the baby calf and the lambies, not to mention baby chicks and bunnies, so swing by sometime on your way up the creek.

  2. So tough! But great job getting out and doing stuff anyway. The distraction and fresh air can do wonders! I'm sure the cut in hours was a blessing and a disappointment all at once. Good luck! You guys are just amazing, and I hope that soon it will be in the past and you'll be able to see all you learned from it and how much you've grown. During the growing pains, though, it's just no fun and exhausting. Keep attacking life by the horns. You guys are amazing!